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August 05 2017


Rules: List the first lines of your last 15 stories.  See if there are any patterns.  Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

Separated by fandom (mostly TG and Daiya tho) in no chronological order because I just.. whatever I find on my gdocs or ao3 or notes app. o<–< also even though I put a pairing name on everything, some are purely character study.

Tagging: I don’t even know anymore. If you wanna do it, please do! o<–<

1. and I close my eyes - Tokyo Ghoul, Nagachika Hideyoshi/Kaneki Ken

Bzzz.. bzzz…

2. and this I vow - Tokyo Ghoul, Nagachika Hideyoshi/Kaneki Ken

“Kaneki? Kaneki, wake up..”
(Unpublished draft; sequel to and I close my eyes)

<!-- more -->

3. Da Capo - Tokyo Ghoul, Nagachika Hideyoshi/Kaneki Ken (?)

Life is unpredictable, and you have to learn to accept whatever it gives to you.

4. Untitled - Tokyo Ghoul, Nagachika Hideyoshi/Kaneki Ken

Nagachika Hideyoshi never lived past 23.
(Unpublished draft)

5. Untitled - Tokyo Ghoul, Nagachika Hideyoshi/Kaneki Ken

“What are we?” you want to ask, but a minute passes and the words come out as nothing but a huff of breath against his shoulder.
(Unpublished draft. This isn’t the beginning of the fic, but this is the first words I have on this file.)

6. pieces of us - Tokyo Ghoul, Nagachika Hideyoshi/Kaneki Ken

“I’ll be stronger,” Hide vows silently as his lips trace another scar on his ribs.
(Unpublished draft. This isn’t the beginning of the fic, but this is the first words I have on this file.)

7. Untitled - Tokyo Ghoul, Nagachika Hideyoshi/Kaneki Ken

It must be love, Hinami thinks as she let her eyes follow the way Hide gently touch her brother’s cheek as if he’s something fragile that might break if he doesn’t; his eyes speak louder than any kind of words – of how preciously dear he thinks of Kaneki.
(Unpublished draft)

8. What - Tokyo Ghoul, Nagachika Hideyoshi/Kaneki Ken

"Whoa Kaneki,” his boyfriend smiles.
(Unpublished draft. I literally named the document ‘what’ because it’s a sad attempt of writing the do.)

9. Untitled - Tales of Zestiria, Sorey/Mikleo

“How.. do you cope out?”
(Unpublished draft)

10. Untitled - Tales of Zestiria, Sorey/Mikleo

“Hey Mikleo, are you crying?”
(Doujinshi ideas. Most probably will never see the light of the day unless I can find someone who can draw the name for me orz)

11. for you i’ll paint the sky so blue - Daiya no Ace, Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun

“For the last time, you idiot, it’s Wednesday! See for yourself!”

12. I will fall for you (and only you) - Daiya no Ace, Okumura Koushuu/Sawamura Eijun

The first pitch isn’t to his mitt, yet Koushuu feels the sound vibrating through his chest as if he was the one kneeling on the batter box down below. 

13. Untitled - Daiya no Ace, Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun

It feels so weird, it’s as if he’s watching himself watching everything in slow motion; the ball clangs against the bat and flies directly to the center of the diamond, right towards where Eijun’s standing and knocks him down.
(Unpublished draft)

14. Untitled - Daiya no Ace, Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun

Kazuya would smile against his palm, barely touching his skin as he whispers, “This hand.. is important.”
(Unpublished draft written in response to Jazz’s hand-worshipping tweet)

15. Untitled - Daiya no Ace, Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun

Kazuya dreams of rain; of the familiar scent of wet grounds and the dull color of their old room
(Unpublished draft. The epilogue part of this extended YIPS AU that I know would never get written so might as well finish the ending and be happy with it.)

IN CONCLUSION: i dont have any writing style. end me.

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water can be easily corrupted
also the thread with @valerianights (read from the top)
and tainted mind, tainted heart by @sormiktales

August 02 2017

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@defragmentise asked me to take pics of my charm board so here they are! tbh it’s not even a board and these aren’t really all lol. and then her and yun-san were like take pics of your entire room too! so okay. (also my 3 months long wait is over and my shoes are finally here so let me just admire it for the rest of my life okay? okay.)

in conclusion: im dying.

July 28 2017

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“but i’d never hurt you.”
- should, could, would by @happinesssdeceit

July 27 2017

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July 26 2017

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July 25 2017

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vis-a-vis [x]

July 24 2017

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the prince charming & his charmed beau
and an allegro affettuoso by @happinesssdeceit

July 23 2017

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crown prince

July 22 2017

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July 21 2017

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heartbeat [ x ]

July 20 2017

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“good morning to you too~”

July 19 2017

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personal preference

July 18 2017

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here’s to our future ace!

July 17 2017

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water spirit

July 16 2017

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“looks like your uncle’s back with a new apprentice.” aka ‘have you ever thought about human mikleo and cry bc i did’ the thread.

July 15 2017

hello! ;w;/ just letting you guys know that:

  1. yeah i’m still alive. busy with only 4 hours-ish of sleep each day between school and work but still alive and kicking nonetheless.
  2. i’m just gonna queue my doodles from now on so i don’t randomly come this like once a month or something and dump everything in one go.
  3. i currently have 15 in queue… and it’ll be posted once daily.
  4. i’ve fallen so hard i’m literally lying flat on the floor of toz hell. (and asteria hell too probably)
  5. if you guys want to reach me faster, especially when it’s about permission or commission pls hit me on twitter or anonymously via curiouscat!

that’s all. thank you for your attention see you and have a wonderful weekend! or buy me a coffee maybe lmao. ❤

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daffodil [ meaning ]

Reposted bynattsu nattsu

Allegro affettuoso - almosthello, happinesssdeceit (crescenttwins) - Tales of Zestiria [Archive of Our Own]


If you are interested in ridiculous fluffy pwp Prince!Sorey/Idol!Mikleo, please check out this collab with @falsehero! <3 

June 21 2017

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Another (belated) congratulations on getting that number one spot! Also here’s to the sore losers hahaha.

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