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February 27 2017

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I tried doing this as some sort of stress relief yesterday. Basically the reactions from the one who made the food and the one eating, and it goes from ‘Is it good?’ to ‘Yummy’ to ‘Delicious!!!’ to ‘THIS IS HAPPINESS!!!’

Template is here!

February 22 2017

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i love tumblr artists

cause on the actual post under the art there’ll be something written like “look at my new cute drawing!” or something related to the drawing in a e s t h e t i c text to make it look cool and everything seems all professional,

then you get to the tags and its like #kill me #i almost shoved my pencil into my eye on 87 occasions #fuck art #dont touch me

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misawa reverse bang 2017!!!

hi! my name is tg/mac and im going to be your host for the misawa reverse bang 2017!

this will be my third year hosting the misawa bang, and i also branched out into the yuri on ice fandom! should be a fun year for fanworks!

what is a bang?

in case you are unfamiliar with the terms, a bang is a fanwork challenge/collaborative project in which an artist and a writer are paired up to create new works for the fandom on a deadline. a reverse bang is a challenge in which art is created first to inspire the fic.

what am i looking for?

artists, writers, graphics makers, cosplayers, etc of any caliber! whether this is your first time participating in a fanwork event or you’re an event veteran, it’s all fine as long as you’re interested in meeting new friends and providing new content for the fandom!

you will be anonymous until artist-writer partnerships are announced so this is a good chance to branch out from the familiar!

what are the responsibilities?

● traditional/digital artists will create a minimum of two works; graphics and cosplayers will create a minimum of four works
● writers will create a fic of a minimum of 5,000 words
● all fic invited to be posted to the ao3 collection at the end of event
● full list of rules here; full faq page here

what is the schedule?

● artist sign-ups begin feb 16
● writer sign-ups begin mar 30
● check-in 1 is apr 27
● check-in 2 is may 25
● final projects due jun 8
● full schedule here

if you’re interested in joining up, pls consider following @daiyabigbang or follow the tag #msbb17 for updates or changes in the schedule! questions? concerns? send ‘em in!

February 17 2017

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happy 0218~! ❤

February 16 2017

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Btw before I forgot, here’s some online store update!

  1. The keychains are done! What’s left is waiting for the pillow covers to arrive before I start sending the rest of the orders out. \o/
  2. I’ve already sent out all but one poster-only orders and gotten messages that people already received them too – so for those who hasn’t, please wait a bit more!
  3. Upcoming designs for next month(?) include: 1.) what might be a set of stickers called Ice of Diamonds @ aibro thank u no thank u i hate this sfm it’s genius, 2.) Depending on the ‘commissioner circumstance’, a certain figure skater’s dakimakura, and 3.) Second batch of the OTP set keychains, which one of it might be soymilk because goddamn bamco I can’t get any of my son’s goods without spending at least 1,000 JPY on a piece why??

But bottom line: thank you so much for buying these babies ;w; I’m so glad things are working smoothly so far, despite a minor bump with the pillow supplier because their site was being kinda laggy and delaying data uploading process. This has been helping me pay for my rent too so as a thank you I’m already planning on a mini giveaway after all of these are sent – please look out for that as well. *w*b

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distance of hearts

February 14 2017

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valentine idiots

February 05 2017

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Good boy. (:

for the dear sis Liv.

January 25 2017

omg rant away please. what if i commissioned it lol wink wink

lolo stop trying to enable me jfkSJKGJSD it’s just the timing hasn’t been right and now that i’m finally almost reaching the breaking point my schedule is still solidly full until like monday or smth JFKSJKFS.

ALSO NO PLS OMGOSH IM SUPPOSED TO BE giving you guys contents! honestly i feel bad not posting anything for like.. almost a month? ;A;

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Opening pre-order for these MiSawa pillows until February 5th 2017! You can get them both back-on-back or maybe get just one of them! For more information and previews, and other pre-orders, visit my store:


Please help spread this around~! And if you’re buying, don’t forget to use the code ‘OSHIOSHI’ during checkout for 10% off (valid until January 31st)! :D

kaguneko replied to your post “im dying over your mukade-chan tg doodles. theyre so cute it makes my…”
*whispers* will you be doing more of this au?

I swear I will but I kinda have my hands full atm T___T but I will, or at least a HK doodle.. hell, I’VE BEEN DYING TO DRAW SOME FLUFF but ahhhhhhhhh T____T /rolls around

January 23 2017

I queued some reblogs of these pre-order posts so if you don’t wanna see them, feel free to add ‘delete later lel’ to your blacklist. *w*

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Opening pre-order for the first batch of Yummy Set Keychains until February 5th 2017! These babies will be single-sided keychains around 6 x 6 cm (2.4 x 2.4 in) in size. For more information and other pre-orders, visit my store:


Please help spread this around~! And if you’re buying, don’t forget to use the code ‘OSHIOSHI’ during checkout for 10% off (valid until January 31st)! :D

January 22 2017

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This week I went to the Collabo Cafe twice; it was fun – first with @nanogons (and I sobbed inside because Eijun’s acrylic standee was sold out) and today with @natsubutart (because sOMEONE WHO HAPPENS TO GO THERE TODAY messaged me and told me they restocked the thing and I cAN’T not have my son ugh). I kinda expected my luck to be rotten but I got Eijun from the keychain kuji and his coaster too so I’m quite happy even though I’m crying from the money I’m spending sobs.

Daiya will kill me in the upcoming months. Watch it.

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Today I went to the Daiya collab cafe with @falsehero! Didn’t buy anything aside the ice cream bc no money💦💦 but it’s cute and comfy! Also that miyusawa illust is plastered everywhere lmao

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I’m finally opening my online store! \o/ Head down to check the current pre-orders or get yourself a print or two and don’t forget to use the code ‘OSHIOSHI’ during checkout for 10% off until January 31st!

falsehero.tictail.com ✦

Please help spread this around! Individual pre-order posts will follow. :D

January 03 2017

tsukishimmieshimmie replied to your photoset “test printing my babies! ;w;9”
Well they be on sale soon ! They’re so adorable!!!

Yes they are! ;w; I’m still deciding the sets (like mukade-chan and kuroneki? or should i just do mukade-chan and hide? or just a mukade-chan?) and price but the quality of the material is good for me so it’s a yes!

preciousghouls replied to your post “HAPPY NEW YEAR KARIN!! that rooster eijun’s holding is adorable i can…”
YESSS OFC YOU CAN also your speciality is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

CRIES BC THATS WHAT EVERYONE SAID but then they saw me angstin him and they all be hatin kKFSLDFG

but then again i dont hold back when it comes to angst  y e s good

okay enough posting for the day. i still have a few things doodles that i can’t post because they’re either commission works or like this one msw that i can’t post yet because i’m planning on a hk version of it too sobs so.. yeah. i’ll talk to you later, people! have a wonderful day or night! \;w;/

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test printing my babies! ;w;9

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